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What We Offer

IT Procurement

We provide computer procurement services (PC/server) and laptops to suit your needs with precise calculations so that can support your company activities.

IT Networking Services

Networking services include infrastructure development for local and online internet networks so that they can maximize your company's spending budget.

IT Maintenance & Repair

Includes maintenance service of computer/server devices, laptops, and networks. Our technician team can give the right solution of your problem.

Computer Assembly

Includes computer assembly for online and offline purposes, server and client, warnet or cafenet, office, shopping center, school, government agencies, cashier system etc.

Network Development

Growth of high enterprises must be supported by infrastructure including network infrastructure. We are ready to develope infrastructure network for your company efficiently (low cost).

Who We Are

PT. Mulia Frekuensi Adyatama, is an IT services company inaugurated in 2013. PT. Mulia Frekuensi Adyatama is established with strong commitment of the team who have all capabilities to fullfill our products and services. Their competency and work experiences are the advance of our team to satisfy all our customers.

PT. Mulia Frekuensi Adyatama offfers a full range of high quality services, end to end solutions, have strong partnerships with reputable vendors in local and world wide.

We provide a full set of design and implementation capabilities to assist in implementing a computer inter-network environtment that addresses a unique bussiness nature. We also provide consistent service and support, and assist in expanding networks locally or globally. Company will receive the sam quality support in implementing the project, no matter where sites are located.

Our Vision & Mission

PT. Mulia Frekuensi Adyatama is to be recognized and to position itself as a global Information Technology (IT) service company providing high quality end to end solution in the IT industry.


To build and develope PT. Mulia Frekuensi Adyatama to be assertive, trustworthy and to continously improvise in meeting all customer needs and wants especially high quality IT end to end solution services in order to achieve customer satisfaction.

Our Experiences

Cybersecurity & Load Balancing
Nama Pekerjaan Pemberi Pekerjaan
Server Bandwith Management PT Pupuk Kaltim
Jasa Renewall Cisco Iron Port C170 PT Pupuk Kaltim
Perpanjangan Support UTM Firewall Area dan Rayon PT PLN Distribusi Jatim
Pekerjaan Fortinet Network Security Assemble Services PT Synnex Metrodata Indonesia
Backup Firewall Fortigate 1200D PT Pupuk Kaltim
Pengadaan Load Balancer BPPT
Perpanjangan Lisensi UTM PT Angkasa Pura I
Jasa Renewall Firewall Fortigate 1200D PT Pupuk Kaltim
Pengadaan Web Application Firewall BPPT
Pengadaan Load Balancer PT PJB Services
Renewall Lisensi Fortigate 800C PT PJB Services
License UTM Fortigate FG-800D PT Angkasa Pura I
Fortigate 100E & Jasa Instalasi CV Primedia Kreasi Solusindo
Pengadaaan Security Fortimail - ADME PT Sigma Cipta Caraka
Manage Service/SLA
Nama Pekerjaan Pemberi Pekerjaan
Jasa Pemeliharaan Teknologi Informasi PMO Infrastruktur PT PGASCOM
Penyediaan Layanan Manage Service Disaster Recovery Center PT PGASCOM
Jasa Service Support AC Raised Foor and Electrical Equipment Eni Muara Bakau B.V
Pengadaan Perangkat Partner Waranty Firewall UP3 dan ULP PT PLN Distribusi Jatim
Sewa PC Desktop & Notebook PT Pupuk Kaltim
VM, Server, & Storage
Nama Pekerjaan Pemberi Pekerjaan
Storage Server DRC HUS 110 PT Pupuk Kaltim
Pengadaan Storage Area Network Storage BPPT
Penggantian Server Aplikasi Delivery PT PLN Distribusi Jatim
Penggantian Server Virtual Management PT PLN Distribusi Jatim
Penggantian System Server Database Replikasi PT PLN Distribusi Jatim
Upgrade Fiber Channel Storage PT PLN Distribusi Jatim
Pengadaan & Pemasangan Server Active Directory PT Peruri Digital Security
Network Infrastructure
Nama Pekerjaan Pemberi Pekerjaan
Perangkat Network Proyek Penyediaan dan Pemeliharaan Network Devices ICT PT PGN PT PGASCOM
Pengadaan Spare Part ADAM dan MOXA PT PGASCOM
Pengadaan Sparepart Switch dan Router 2017 PT PGASCOM
Cisco Catalyst WS C4506-E Chassis PT Pupuk Kaltim
Penggantian Switch di Area & Rayon sebanyak 45 Buah PT PLN Distribusi Jatim
Pengadaan Sparepart Peremajaan LAN Lt 9 PGN Surabaya PT PGASCOM
Pengadaan Upgrade Router Area Surabaya, Sorong dan Tarakan PT PGN
IT Infrastructure
Nama Pekerjaan Pemberi Pekerjaan
Pengadaan Sparepart Radio PT PGASCOM
Pengadaan Spare Part Maintenance PT PGASCOM
Pengadaan DC Rectifier 500W PT PGASCOM
Pengadaan Rectifier Dan Battery Back Up POP Bitung PT PGASCOM
Pengadaan Server, Komputer dan Printer Pemkot Gresik
Pengadaaan Perangkat VICON dan Proyektor PT PLN Distribusi Jatim
Cabling, UTP, & FO
Nama Pekerjaan Pemberi Pekerjaan
Instalasi Jaringan Fiber Optic PT Ciputra Surya, Tbk
Upgrade Sistem LAN 10G Kantor Distribusi PT PLN (Persero) PT PLN Distribusi Jatim
Pekerjaan LAN Rayon Darmo Permai dan Maospati PT PLN Distribusi Jatim
Instalasi LAN Rayon Dampit dan Tumpang PT PLN Distribusi Jatim
Pemasangan Port LAN di ULP Kangean PT PLN Distribusi Jatim
Instalasi Infrastruktur IT SDMS PT Mitra Pinasthika Mulia

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